The Barn

When Herons Dream (2009)
HD, B&W, 10:00 minutes

Letter from Middle Europe (2007)
DV, Color, 7:51 minutes

Tientsin Diaries (2006)
DV, B&W, 30:00 minutes

Foster Island (2004)
35mm, B&W, 6:30 minutes

Passion (2002)
16mm, B&W, 5:00 minutes
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The Barn (2001)
35mm, B&W, 1:30 minutes
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Oma: A Korean Journey (2000)
DV, color, 33:28 minutes

Christmas (2000)
16mm, color, 11:40 minutes

Flow (1999)
16mm, B&W, 6:00 minutes

Album (1997)
16mm, B&W, 8:30 minutes


Review of 2001 Seattle
Art Museum Retrospective
"Local filmmaker Serge Gregory's shorts are models for what short filmmaking can and should aspire to. Lyrical, humble, and deeply resonant, Gregory's shorts mine the rich soil of nostalgia to evoke a vision of our present that floats over the earth. Of course, Russia and nostalgia are practically synonyms: no surprise, then, that Gregory, a Russian scholar, chose to adapt Nabokov's Christmas as his last film. It's deep sense of longing and loss dovetail beautifully with Album, his debut short, about a family album of photos from the Russian motherland. In between these two quite lovely films comes Flow, a five minute homage to Eisenstein. Don't miss this chance to see his work in context."
Jamie Hook, The Stranger