By the Salish Sea (2012)
HD, Color, 11:32 minutes

By the Salish Sea

By the Salish Sea

By the Salish Sea


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By the Salish Sea
A Salish native's dream quest is disturbed by the arrival of a tall ship.

Director's Statement
I have spent a lifetime photographing, filming and hiking through Northwest landscapes. I often think about the fact that for me the natural world is something "out there," something I capture, something I pass through and return from. I'm fascinated by the very different animistic beliefs of early Native Americans--that there was no separation between humans and the natural world, that there was a time when people and animals were interchangeable, that we can put on masks and once again physically become those animals. I've made a short film from that perspective, from the perspective of a young Salish man going through a vision quest in which he hears the voices of his elders and the forest reveals to him a guardian animal spirit that he will carry in his soul for the rest of his life. Progress, in the form of European culture and religion, ended those animistic beliefs. Inescapably, the modern world has spiritually divided us from nature.

Director: Serge Gregory
Salish Man: Roger Brown
Voice of Salish Woman: Elaine Miles
Voice of Salish Man: Darragh Kennan
Voice of Russian Sailor: Serge Gregory
Wardrobe/Makeup: Harmony Arnold
Salish Man Sequences
Cinematography: Joseph Hudson
Production Assistant: Simon Hudson
Intern: Will Stehlik

Sound Design: Susie Kozawa
Audio Mixing and Sweetening: Steve Ditore, Jack Straw Productions
Colorist: John Davidson