Vaskino Films is the home of Seattle-based filmmaker Serge Gregory. Embracing the constraints of the short film, Gregory's dramatic, documentary and experimental works create a world where the landscape is time and memory is a place. Contact Us
When Herons Dream
When Herons Dream (2009)
Imagines the perspective of a great blue heron as it moves through the seasons and a Northwest landscape shaped by water. Scheduled for completion spring 2009.
Tientsin Diaries
Tientsin Diaries (2006)
In the 1930's Westerners in Tientsin's European concessions lived an exotic adventure largely insulated from the horrors of China's civil war and Japanese occupation.   "Tientsin Diaries" is a fictional documentary about the courtship of Misha and Natasha, whose oriental idyll begins to unravel with the outbreak of World War II. 

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